Monday, December 21, 2009

2009 Christmas Letter

To our Friends and Family,

2009 brought so many changes for our family; we are kicking ourselves for not taking notes so we could remember the finer details of the year. As most of you know we uprooted our little family from Idaho and moved back to Connecticut where, ironically, our adventure first began. We are immensely grateful for Alistair’s new job (the reason for the move) and that Tab was also able to find a good job so quickly. We have much to be thankful for this year. Here are updates from everyone…

Emily turned 8 this year and was baptized on June 13, the day before we packed up for New England. She finished 2nd grade in style (including many sparkling accessories) and began 3rd grade with a little apprehension which lasted only a day. She loves her new school, has made a few new friends and will start gymnastics in the New Year. She continues to play the piano although it takes a little more effort to get her to practice now with so many things to do. (Including an hour of homework each day) Emily is really getting into art and spends hours drawing and tracing anything that pops into her mind. We then spend hours picking up all the remnants of said projects much of the night. J Emily probably had the hardest time adjusting to the move. The fact that we lost her kitty Fiona only 3 hours into our 5 day drive did not help. She misses her friends in Kuna and all her aunts and cousins. It helps that we get to see Uncle Geoff often and both sets of grandparents have already visited. Another comfort came in the form of her new hamster “princess” who has partially filled the hole that Fiona left.

Matthew just turned 7, and has already amassed more Legos than many Toy stores. Legos have truly become his passion, his birthday and Christmas wish lists typically consist of Legos only. This year he went with Dad and his sister to two very cool events, a Model Railroad convention as well as a Lego convention in downtown Hartford. He has done well with the move, we think the fact that he ended up with his own room helped. He has adjusted well to 1st grade and made many friends. Matthew has defiantly become our early riser… he is always up 1 ½ to 2 hours before school begins, dresses himself complete with coat and backpack, then can be found either playing with Legos or on the computer. Matthew began taking piano lessons this year (which he loves) and is enjoying an after school program called “All Pro Sports” where once a week he is introduced to all kinds of sports and activities. He comes home sweaty, hungry, and tired…so we love it too.

Ainsley has been the epitome of a 2 year old this year… very fun but very willful. She is an active toddler, always keeping up with her older siblings. We think this is due to her consumption of Diet Mountain Dew, which is normally Tab’s drink of choice (due to working nights). Ainsley has been known to sneak off with an open can and then we find it empty later. She also likes to do everything on her own, especially the things she really can’t. She’ll try for a couple of minutes and then ask for help. The highlight of her independence culminated in church when she was trying to wiggle away to wander and Tab held her back by her arm. Ainsley then, in the midst of near silence in the congregation, yelled out “OW! You bwoke my arm!” Ainsley adjusted to the move quickly, and loves asking everyone who comes to visit “You want to see my room?” She is such a cutie.

TAB: Like Emily, my adjustment to the new move was also difficult. It was hard to pull myself away from 11 years of good friends, my family, and my home of 8 years. I was also very sad to leave my first job and the friends and coworkers I have there. I was not ready to move when Alistair first accepted his new job, but 8 weeks of being apart sped up the process. I found that although I am capable of doing things on my own, life is much sweeter when we are all together. We arrived in Connecticut and endured a month of constant rain, in an apartment, with little knowledge of the indoor places we could go to keep ourselves entertained. The kids and I searched and toured homes for 8 weeks until we finally found one we loved and bought in September. In mid-August, I started my new job at St. Francis Hospital on their surgical telemetry floor. I loved working with open heart surgery patients before, and I decided we had already made enough changes, so I stayed with the patient population I understand. My new unit is extremely busy but I am seeing quality patient care and teamwork. We are meeting some really neat people here at church, in the community, and our neighborhood is incredibly friendly. We are finally settling in and finding our routine. New England is once again growing on me.

ALISTAIR: Well as you can tell from the above, after being somewhat boring in the past few Christmas letters, I was the one who initiated the big changes in our lives this year. It all happened really fast. I was concerned about the economy and what was happening at Micron. Although I had survived (yet again) a few rounds of layoffs, I really wasn’t sure of the long term viability of the company and prospects of my career. If I had lost my job at Micron, I would have had to either leave Boise or change careers. So I started looking and applied for a job at Travelers Insurance (Red Umbrella commercials), and after applying I was in a phone interview two days later, then two weeks later I was flown out for an interview. The toughest part was moving out in April on my own leaving Tab and the kids in Boise to finish the school year. Switching from an electronics manufacturing company to the Insurance industry was certainly challenging, and after 8 months I’m still learning quite a bit, but it’s been good and Travelers is an extremely stable company. I also feel it has helped me be a stronger analyst. It’s been interesting moving back to Connecticut after 10 years, although to a different area. We like the house and town we are in but we do miss our home and lives from Idaho.

We pray this letter finds everyone well and happy. We wish a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.


the Whethams

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Tab's parents came to visit in September and we took them and the kids up to Vermont for a day. First we visited the birthplace of Joseph Smith in Sharon, VT and then headed up to Burlington, VT to see Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory. It was beautiful and we had tons of fun.

The tasting room! We got to try Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

This memorial is over 100 years old. It was built to commemorate Joseph's 100th birthday.

Getting out some pent up energy after being in the car all day.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ainsley is two!!

Uncle Geoff came up On Saturday and brought fun presents, including this Elmo DVD which is now part of Ainsley's morning 6am.

Note the empty apartment...

Mom and dad got her a scooter. Too bad we don't have anywhere for her to ride it except in the apartment. Forgot we don't live in a house with a sidewalk anymore.

My adorable 2 year old girl in pigtails!

Seriously, we are very happy to back with Daddy.
Ainsley followed him around for several days.
I think she was afraid he would disappear again.

Happy B-day Ainsley! Friendly's ice cream cakes are one huge plus of living in the east!

...and Ainsley concurs!

This is becoming a face we see on a daily basis. We officially have a two-year-old, and enter the "mine!" and "No!" phase.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Emily's Baptism

In the craziness of the move, our camera cord was packed and I am finally able to post some pictures from Emi's baptism. This was a special day for her and very nostalgic for Alistair and I. We are so proud of her and her willingness to do what Heavenly Father wants her to do. What a sweet girl we have had the priviledge to raise for the past 8 years...

Her cheesy smile

Emi and dad.
Dad told Emi this would be the first and only time they would be wearing the same outfit.

Grandma and Grandpa Rasmussen

Our little family-last picture at our home in Boise!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Hummus among us...

The other day Tab bought some Hummus as a snack for herself, of course Ainsley wasn't going to allow any item of food to go unshared. Tab thinking that one taste would solve the problem soon discovered that Ainsley in fact really likes Hummus. So like Diet Mountain Dew and Hot Tamales, if Tab is having some, so must Ainsley.

The best part was that Matthew decided that since Ainsley like it, he might like it to. After tasting it, the theory was quickly de-bunked. The next day Tab was trying to get Emily to try it too, who would have nothing to do with it.

However, Matthew, as always, wanted to turn his negative experience the day before into a positive experience (at least from his point of view), and try to get Emily to eat Hummus as well. He began by telling her how good it actually tasted, trying to get her to believe it actually tasted good, so she would try some.

To help this along, Tab (knowing Matthew really didn't like the Hummus) took a Pita chip and scooped up a heaping load of Hummus onto the chip and handed it to Matthew so he could show Emily how good it tasted.

After looking like he was going to barf by just looking at the mound of Hummus, he politely told Tab that the amount of Hummus on the chip may have been a little too much. After wiping most of it off the chip he then proceeded to eat the chip with the remnant Hummus on it.

Unfortunately this did not result in tricking Emily into trying it in any way.

Afterward Tab looked at Matthew and said it was "too bad that didn't work" to which Matthew said "Yeah". I guess Matthew didn't take into account the disgusted look and reaction he made when he tried Hummus the day before.

The Score:
Mom +1
Matthew -2
Emily Even
Aisley +1,000,000
Alistair (was at work).

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A two year old conversation

I couldn't help sharing this conversation I had with Ainsley this morning.

"Ainsley! Where are you?"
Ainsley: "I in here mom!"
After reaching the bath room door...
Mom: "You're naked... what are you doing?"
Ainsley: "Oh, I wipin' my 'gina' wif Toiyet papo."

I guess that answered my question...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Last Day of School

Emily and Matthew off on their last day of school.

Emi saying goodbye to a few friends...

Then a few more...

Some hung around for more photo opps.

After school we went to the park for an ice cream celebration with friends and Tiff and McKinna.

The boys showed us some of thier best Jedi knight moves.

The "Chic Defenders"

Emi and Shaylee were just being cute. What sweet girls.

Ainsley and Emma, did not want to cooperate for photos. This is the best picture I got all day. Note the sunburned cheeks, it was a long day in the sun.

Kindergarten Graduation

Matthew has been reminding about this day for weeks, including what time I may have to get there if I wanted to sit on the front row. I didn't listen and I sat 4 rows back, even though I showed up 25 minutes early. I actually shed a few tears as he walked in, and again when I realized I had saved one too many seats...thinking of my hubby who would have loved to see this. The tears were short lived, how could a mother not smile at this little boy...he was so happy!!

I couldn't help but think that their little "goodbye songs" had a deeper meaning for me this year. My kiddos said goodbye to some friends they have known their entire life. This was a difficult, but still exciting day for all of us.

Matthew showing off his big brother skills at the graduation party. Ainsley, honestly, was only there for the cake.

Matthew with his teacher Mrs. Ryan. I think she cried harder than any of the parents there. What an amazing teacher for my son...I couldn't have asked for anyone better.